Remembering Cory Berg

First, and most importantly, the business had a tragic and terrible loss. We lost a great producer, friend, and incredible human being – Cory Berg. He was amazing to work with; he never let things get bigger or more stressful than they had to be. In all the years I have worked with him, he trusted the people around him and was the best at putting life’s nonsense in perspective. I never once heard him raise his voice or make me feel like I wasn’t doing my job. He was one of those people that never pointed fingers at others and for that he received nothing but respect. A very young, wise person once taught me that taking the high road versus yelling and screaming gets more respect and, ultimately, more work done. That’s how Cory Berg treated my company and me; that’s who he was – a very fair person. I have never had anything bad to say about him and thoroughly enjoyed the way he worked. We say things like, “he was a really good guy,” but Cory was a kind, warm, great guy – no bullshit and I think anyone that knew or worked with him felt the same way.

Ultimate respect and a huge loss for a business that needs more people like him. His cause of death was unusual and I can’t remember the last time I have spoken to so many people that have been hit with such sadness. I can only imagine the horrible sadness that his family is feeling. I would like them to know that the casting world is devastated. Cory was an exceptional individual worth honoring. He will not be forgotten and I hope his memory helps to set a great example.

Remembering Cory Berg

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