Top Ten List of Excuses

Here’s a list of the top ten funniest or weirdest excuses actors have used as to why they can’t make an audition:

  1. Oh, I forgot I have to go to LA tomorrow.
  2. I’m sick…yes, I know my appointment was ten minutes ago.
  3. I wrote it down and my dog ate the paper.
  4. I thought my agent said next week (auditions are always next day).
  5. I moved to LA.
  6. Dentist appointment
  7. Therapist appointment and I already paid for it
  8. Working (never at an acting job)
  9. My best friend/boyfriend booked a surprise trip to Tahiti.
  10. A distant relative isn’t feeling well.

And this winter, we’ve got a lot of, “it’s too cold out.”

Everyday brings something new. Today a girl came in and asked my casting assistant if he could wait in her car while she auditioned so she wouldn’t get a ticket. REALLY?!

Top Ten List of Excuses

One thought on “Top Ten List of Excuses

  1. Anna says:

    Hahahaha!!! That was funny 🙂
    This winter, I actually literally worked an entire day outside in one of the blizzards we had. Some people just have the hunger and drive and some don’t.
    Except it tends to be more about who you know than how driven you are.
    I guess that’s why we see these types of situations! Lack of gratitude and a sense of entitlement from people who get ahead without trying.


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