Take a Look at a Casting Session

Here we go again. This is the first couple of hours of a casting session I set up. I changed the product name and used different names for the actors to maintain their privacy. Here’s the chart for the casting session: Before

As you can see, it’s five actors at the same time for five different roles. I need all five people to make an audition work. This is a union job, multiple media, and multiple spots, and possibly shooting in LA; therefore, up front, it’s a great paying job (regardless of weather a job is union or non-union, casting sessions are always treated the same). Not sure if this information was conveyed properly to the actors, but when so many actors want a time change or have not told anyone about their availability issues for the audition or shoot date, this is what happens. This is the “frustrating” part that I’m always talking about. Look at this mess.

Here’s the chart for that same casting session AFTER the agents got back to BMC about actors’ time problems: After

How can a casting director do their job properly and offer up a great casting session to our client? I thought if everyone could see this maybe, just maybe, it would make an impact.

Take a Look at a Casting Session

One thought on “Take a Look at a Casting Session

  1. Thank you so much for this blog! I looked you up after having a great experience at the Reebok audition on Monday. Although I didn’t book it, I was super impressed with the helpful, kind and communicative members of your staff, from the initial phone calls to the in-person interactions, so I really appreciated the experience regardless of the outcome. I’ve been reading through your blog entries and it’s fascinating to see this side of the process. As an unrepresented actor, my main problem is to actually book an audition so that I can get seen, so it kills me that so many people end up canceling–I would love the opportunity to be scheduled in the first place! Anyway, thanks again for posting your perspective, and thanks for a truly positive auditioning experience.


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