An Actor’s Story

I wanted to share this letter that an actor, Chris Cafero, wrote to me.





In 2005, I was a nervous 14-year-od kid who had just begun chasing his dream of becoming a professional actor. My very first on-camera audition experience was with Beth Melsky Casting. I was awkward and green and most certainly terrible. Despite that, you continued to give me a chance. In the twelve years since that first audition, I have been back to your office countless times (I’d like to think I’ve improved). I have come very close on a lot of projects, but never seemed to be able to hook the big one – until a few weeks ago.

I cannot thank you enough for helping cast me in [national network commercial]. But more importantly, I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the patience, persistence, and faith you have shown by giving me so many opportunities. Actors are blessed to have great allies like you in this business. Thank you for helping that awkward 14-year-old boy keep fighting for his dream.

I look forward to work with you and your office for many years to come.


All the best,

Chris Cafero

An Actor’s Story

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