If I hear “I need a time change” or “family emergency” one more time…


Anyway, Michael Patrick Lane is one of the most professional and responsible actors I have ever met. I asked him to contribute to this week’s blog. Enjoy.



To the actors and people who plan to affect others. You are students of humanity and so much more. You are your own boss. You are craftsmen, nutritionists, personal trainers, researchers, marketers, social media experts and masters of branding. You are constantly in classes, reading and pushing the limits, ignoring when the guy who has more than you calls it a day because you are willing to do whatever it takes to be the best. You are open and willing to be affected and to breathe love and life into your dream through action. And when you fail, you will make whatever small tweaks are necessary to succeed time and time again when no one is watching. You are the one who has what it takes to shape your destiny. Start with what you have and where you’re at, because what you have is plenty.  


Beth’s blog touches on a lot of amazing subjects, most recently about actors making excuses, double booking projects, potentially throwing colleagues under the bus to get ahead, etc. I’d argue there is no right or wrong way to go about handling your professionalism. It’s truly up to you who you want to be and how you will be perceived. So lets decide shall we?


The profession we have chosen is potentially drenched in fear (character building opportunities) and opens us up to self-sabotage through things like drinking, drugs, lack of preparation, over committing and ultimately regret. The good news is you can overcome all the BS. One of the most profound things I read this year that truly affected my being was this, by Stephen R. Covey, “You can’t be afraid of letting go of who you are, for who you will become”.  Don’t be afraid to ask who you are and then answer it. Try this. Honestly try it. 


Who are you, what do you want, how will you do it, and why?


I would encourage you to decide the answers to these questions and continue exploring and being empathetic to what the other disciplines of our field are going through in their equally important careers. You will teach yourself your version of professionalism and follow your path. Your talent is in your choices, in your scripts and in your life.


2 thoughts on “#OverIt

  1. Great piece, Michael – as Paulo Coelho put it: “You are what you believe yourself to be”, and to build on that, you’ll act on what you truly believe yourself to be. Trust in your heart and your dreams and (to the best of your ability) move in the direction toward realizing them.


  2. Michael Lane – such a class act! I loved this blog post and not just because Michael is a fellow friend, wisdom giver, and truth seeker, but because of the topic at hand. I was a competitive figure skater for 14 years. Who cares? Well it comes in handy in this profession. Having Russian coaches train me into such rigid self discipline has made me into the actor / person I am today. I thank them often for it. There are millions of us actors out there all chasing the same dream. Besides taking the classes, reading the knowledge, memorizing the lines, and making the contacts to get the auditions, we must never EVER forget RESPECT. Respect the time of others, both the casting offices, your fellow actors, and yourself. Shit happens, we all know that and having an emergency here and there will always happen and always understandable…hell I’ve had them too! BUT if you are one of those people always late or having an emergency try and be honest with yourself about it. Why is this happening ? It’s not because Mercury is forever in retrograde (though it seems that way sometimes) As actors, we must never forget we are also business professionals as well as artists. Could you imagine if people on wall st kept showing up late? Or those crazy successful professionals on shark tank always had a family emergency and kept showing up short? I sure as hell can’t. This is how I keep myself on top of time when it comes to acting. I’m a business and I’m a brand. I want my brand to be as shiney as possible on top of my acting work. You are your own employee. Show up for casting directors not only with your remarkable talent, but with the keen business Savy sense as well. Be on time, be respectful, be HAPPY, make the boss look great 😉 !


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